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About Us

On Call Medical Coats provides the finest top quality traditional white coats, and has been serving the medical community since 1997.  The company was founded by a dually board-certified physician who sold the company to famed clothier Gitman Bros of the Tom James network in Ashland, PA. Dr Kohn continues to serve at conferences all over the country to this day.

Unlike our competitors, we are not re-sellers of mass-produced, commodity-grade coats made overseas.  All coats are custom made to order, finished with the highest quality stitching and attention to detail, and all are cut and sewn in the United States.  We have different styles for men and women, as well as different coat lengths. We offer full knee-length, three-quarter (mid-thigh) length,  and short jacket (waist) length and all coats can be altered for your specific needs. We offer a variety of custom alterations and features to make your coat unique and exceptional.   

We supply coats across the country and internationally to individual practitioners, group practices, hospitals, health systems, training programs, academic medical centers, national and regional staffing groups, national professional specialty societies, state medical associations and more.

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